Données partagées

Données partagées

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  • Marchand F, Beaulaton L, Prévost E, Delanoë R, Destouches J, Gueraud F, Guilloux Y, Jeannot N, Huchet E, Lange F, Rives J, Tremblay J, Herrard N, Azam D (2017) Abundance indices and biological traits of juvenile salmon (Salmo salar) sampled in three rivers on the Atlantic and Channel coasts (France). Biodiversity Data Journal 5: e15125.

Données partagées


  • Lepais O, Manicki A, Glise S, Buoro M, Bardonnet A (2017) Data from: Genetic architecture of threshold reaction norms for male alternative reproductive tactics in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). Dryad Digital Repository.
  • Jacquin L, Gauthey Z, Roussille V, Le Hénaff M, Tentelier C, Labonne J (2017) Data from: Melanin in a changing world: brown trout coloration reflects alternative reproductive strategies in variable environments. Dryad Digital Repository.


  • Gauthey Z, Hendry AP, Elosegi A, Tentelier C, Labonne J (2016) Data from: The context dependence of assortative mating: a demonstration with conspecific salmonid populations. Dryad Digital Repository.


  • Regnier T, Labonne J, Chat J, Yano A, Guiguen Y, Bolliet V (2015) Data from: No early gender effects on energetic status and life history in a salmonid. Dryad Digital Repository.

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